5Rolex watch 16233 is style of the Rolex oyster watch “and a” typical perpetual “watch.In 1926, Rolex has created the world’s first waterproof, dustproof watch.This is the famous “Rolex Oyster” watch. The oyster, waterproof device designed structure is to imitate the oyster, with waterproof, dustproof performance. And in 1931, Rolex launched the world’s first “perpetual”, rely on the swing arm potential energy is converted into kinetic energy without manual on the chain of the watch. It is referred to as the “perpetual” watch. “Oyster” and “perpetual” watch was born, laid a leading position in the luxury replica watches industry. And now there is many skills to identify the authenticity of the style of the Rolex watch 16233 for us to know. Let us follow the direction of the introduction to get more information to learn and identify the truth style of the Rolex watch 16233.

Lubricant and re assembly movement: the movements of the various functional components are carefully painted with the most advanced lubricant, to reduce the friction to prevent wear and tear. This will ensure that your Rolex watch 16233 movement sustainable accurate operation.

Calibration time: the balance wheel is the 16233 edition of swiss replica rolex watches movement in the heart, every frequency more than 690000 times. In order to ensure the precise timing, the watchmaker carefully calibrated balance wheel, and the timing accuracy of electronic test. Then watchmaking Division will comprehensive testing your Rolex watches, and during and after several days of careful observation, to verify watch the performance.

Restored case and bracelet: maintenance procedure of case and bracelet, and maintenance of Rolex 16233 Collector’s edition of watch movements the same meticulous. After the initial cleaning, case and bracelet were after careful examination, any worn or damaged parts will change original Rolex parts. Then, your case and bracelet will in a professional manner and the use of ultrasonic cleaning, renovation, so watch shine.


Reorganization case: watchmakers carefully reassemble the case, and replace all sealing pad, ensure the waterproof function is not affected.